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3rd Party Component Compatibility

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This template is compatible with all the major 3rd party components available for Joomla.   The following are just some of the ones available that work great with any Shape 5 template.  A template itself should in no way hinder the functionality of a component.  Although we haven't tested every single Joomla component available we can say quite confidently that this template will be compatible with any Joomla extension you use with it

and many more!

S5 Quick Contact

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The S5 Quick Contact module is a simple way for your visitors to get in contact with you, it is demo'd on the homepage of this design. Sometimes full contact pages are just too much. If you're looking for an easy way to stay in contact with your visitors this module is for you. This module has fully configurable language settings, sends emails to a specified admin account, three ways of spam protection and much more! And of course it's free!


Please note - This module uses the php mail() function. If you are not receiving emails this is a security setting on your server or a spam filter issue. Please contact your hosting provider to resolve this issue. In most cases there will be no issue at all.


  • Specify text of error message and field names
  • Specify height of text area
  • Set width of all boxes
  • Validates email address
  • Include intro text if desired
  • Set one admin email to receive all emails
  • 3 forms of spam protection:
    1. Checks headers for malicious attacks
    2. Uses hidden field for spam alert
    3. No direct access to file allowed

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