By Kurian Musa

In a concerted effort to ensure the quality and efficacy of educational programs, Egerton University hosted a pivotal meeting with the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) to evaluate its BSc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering programme. Led by Vice Chancellor Prof Isaac Kibwage, the university welcomed EBK's Chair of the Registration Professional Development and Compliance Committee, Eng. Dr. Johnson Matu, for a comprehensive examination.

The review encompassed a spectrum of crucial elements, including admission criteria, teaching methodologies, laboratory facilities, equipment procurement, faculty recruitment, and leadership in the specialized field. Accompanying Prof Kibwage were key university officials, including Deputy Vice Chancellors Prof Benard Aduda and Prof Richard Mulwa, as well as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Japheth Onyando, Prof. Engineer Daudi Nyaoga, and Eng. Gibson Musilo.

EBK's assessment delved into every facet of the university, scrutinizing lecture halls, laboratories, hostels, libraries, and other essential facilities. Eng. Matu, leading the evaluation team, affirmed that a detailed inception report would be furnished within a week.

Central to the recommendations was the imperative for engineering lecturers to undergo registration with EBK, signifying a commitment to professional mentorship and hands-on experience. Eng. Matu emphasized the scarcity of registered engineers in Kenya, lamenting the shortfall of professionals against the board's target of 10,000 registrations, with only approximately 3800 currently enlisted.

In response, Vice Chancellor Kibwage advocated for collaborative initiatives between EBK and universities, proposing the organization of clinics to provide aspiring engineers with foundational knowledge essential for registration. Additionally, he urged EBK to support Egerton University by recommending qualified candidates for faculty positions, fostering a symbiotic relationship between academia and industry.

The meeting underscored a shared commitment to excellence in engineering education, with both Egerton University and EBK striving to elevate standards and produce adept professionals poised to meet the evolving needs of the engineering landscape in Kenya.